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Examples of our work are diverse and core to our clients’ success:

Case Study #1

Creation of Company Narrative Crystallizing Value Proposition of Novel Lead Series Molecules, Science Storyline, Core Messaging, and Partnering Strategy for Emerging Leader in Tau Oligomer Inhibition for Alzheimer’s Disease

Develop initial communications strategy and core messaging supporting partnering efforts and initial publications for innovative lead series molecules and biomarkers nearing completion of pivotal early development milestones.

StraNexa worked collaboratively to create a working paper and summary collateral materials to powerfully convey the value and competitive differentiation of the developing science associated with the firm’s lead series molecules and biomarkers, as well as providing guidance on potential transaction structures supporting a range of prioritized business development options.

Creation of clear and compelling communications and partnering strategy, enabling timely fulfillment of key business development goals and objectives for a high potential development program focused on markets with significant unmet needs within neurodegeneration

“Leo’s deep and unique combination of scientific understanding and commercialization insight, combined with his passion and exceptional communications skills, enabled him to effectively collaborate with our team to add significant value to our strategic communications and partnering efforts.  We are continuing to partner with him to leverage his unique expertise on additional high-priority projects driving business transformation.”

Dr. James Moe, Ph.D., MBA; President and CEO; Oligomerix, Inc.
Case Study #2

Creation Of Strategic Commercialization and Launch Plan for New Business And Therapeutic Area

Innovative and market-leading generics & biosimilars firm needed a comprehensive strategic approach to commercializing the firm’s first US market entry with a proprietary neurology molecule leveraging novel reformulation and drug delivery technology.

StraNexa collaborated with the firm’s team to develop a holistic strategic commercialization approach, along with major tactics. Our plan included:

  • Refining target product profile and claims, along with targeted market development and launch strategies and tactics
  • Ensuring optimal differentiation and positioning within a large and competitive market

An effective foundation for future launch planning and activities

“StraNexa provided an excellent foundational commercial strategic plan for the business showing keen insights and strong strategic and tactical thought, delivered in a collaborative and customer-focused way within tight timelines.”

Harry Atkins, Senior Director, Corporate Development
Case Study #3

Targeted Company Approach Strategy to Support New Business Development Efforts Leveraging Firm’s Novel Drug Delivery Technology

Development of a clear and prioritized partnering candidate strategy centered around the company’s proprietary reformulation and delivery technology for prescription and over-the-counter markets.

StraNexa developed sort criteria and a detailed, prioritized list of firms as an important element of the larger, comprehensive company partnering strategy.

This served as a critical element for focused partnering initiatives

“StraNexa provided support with the timely delivery of a high-quality analysis that helped shape an effective and prioritized partnering strategy.”

Russell Gantt, President and CEO, Argo Navis Partners
Case Study #4

Creation and Enhancement Of Vision, Mission, Core Strategies, And Service Delivery For An Inner-City Community Center—Enabling Them To Take A Leadership Role In Fostering Community Transformation (Camden Dream Center)

Creation and refinement of existing vision, mission, and services, and development of compelling branding and new services, linked in a coherent, differentiated, and branded way to help increase effectiveness, visibility, fund-raising success, and impact.

StraNexa was engaged pro bono to help reposition and create a distinct and unified community service offering. We worked to effectively reposition and brand the Dream Center to help guide major transformation across program and service offerings, increase funding support from private and public entities, and increase impact within the community.

The Dream Center now provides integrated and life-changing community-based services and educational programs to over 500 families and 3,000 people across education, workforce training, mentoring, family services, and health/wellness

“Leo’s insights, skills, and passion for working collaboratively and being transformative through his work with us enabled the Dream Center to realize step-changes in approach to service offerings and its impact within the community.  We would not be where we are now without his involvement, leadership, and creativity in shaping the future of the Center.”

Keith Davis, Board Chair, Camden Dream Center
Case Study #5

Development of Project Planning Tool to Facilitate Efficient Prioritization and Ongoing Communication of High-Impact Strategic Projects for the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network (CDCN)

The CDCN, an innovative and unique organization dedicated to accelerating research and treatment for Castleman Disease, a pernicious and rare autoimmune disease, needed support in helping better guide resources to more efficiently manage rapid growth.

StraNexa worked closely with CDCN leadership to understand the group’s major constituencies, objectives, and growth strategies to help shape a planning and communication tool that supports effective and efficient targeting and tracking of resources and critical projects.


March 2019 publication denoting CDCN’s collaborative network model for rare diseases

“Leo’s exceptional collaborative skills, vision, passion for helping others, and unique combination of strong business and scientific knowledge enable him to see things in new and fresh ways that have benefited the CDCN.  He serves as a committed partner with us as we make a transformational impact in rare disease research and patient support.”

David Fajgenbaum, MD, MBA, MSc - Co-Founder & Executive Director, Castleman Disease Collaborative Network; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Translational Medicine & Human Genetics; Associate Director, Patient Impact, Orphan Disease Center, University of Pennsylvania
Case Study #6

Creation of Alternative Commercialization and Development Approaches Supporting Differentiated Positioning and Accelerated Development of a Novel Molecule in Early Clinical Development

Focused exploration and selection of alternative commercialization and clinical development strategic options focused on high unmet medical need that maximize resource efficiency and minimize time-to-market.

StraNexa worked collaboratively with a diverse cross-functional project team to identify, prioritize, and advance clear and compelling strategic options across multiple market opportunities.

Selection of an aligned and focused commercialization and development approach for an important asset that has the potential to create a new standard-of-care in diseases lacking clinically meaningful therapies

“Leo did a great job with our project team in helping drive and shape a focused and compelling set of prioritized strategic options supporting accelerated advancement of an important molecule in Theravance’s cardiovascular portfolio.  His strong leadership, critical thinking, and people skills, coupled with his unique experience and market insight, were extremely valuable in helping guide next steps for this key project.  He served as a true partner with us utilizing his passion and desire for delivering strong results in a highly collaborative process.”

David Bourdet, Ph.D., Senior Director and Project Lead (NEP Inhibitor Program), Head of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, Theravance Biopharma
Case Study #7

Creation of Foundational Target Product Profile (TPP), Key Claims, and Value Proposition Supporting Development of a Novel Biologic for the Treatment of Alopecia Areata

Creation of a clear and aligned value proposition and development roadmap supporting successful commercialization of a “first-in-class” biologic in early development.

StraNexa guided the cross-functional team through a clear strategic framework that identified and aligned characterization of major molecule attributes and clinically relevant points of differentiation.

Development of a clear and focused TPP and value proposition that will help guide and align important strategic decisions and stakeholder communications 


“Leo worked very skillfully and efficiently with our project team to help align our team around a common product vision and understanding of the major areas of potential value for our lead compound in early development.  This work is very important to us as we work to progress our development and commercialization efforts.  Leo is very bright and insightful and cared deeply about delivering excellent work collaboratively across all aspects of the project.”

J. David Owens, President and Chief Executive Officer, BiologicsMD
Case Study #8

Leadership Transitioning Key Global Research Collaborations Within Functional and Corporate Portfolio Realignment

Provide critical operational and strategic support to Global Alliance Management Team during team transition and rapid re-shaping of corporate business priorities.

StraNexa worked collaboratively with the Global Alliance Management Team and alliance partners, along with diverse cross-functional support areas, to lead select collaborations to desired outcomes within tight timeframes.

Timely achievement of corporate strategic and functional objectives covering select collaborations, as well as operational enhancements within alliance management

“Leo provided strong cross-functional leadership and facilitated timely execution of business-critical objectives covering both new research collaborations as well as terminations.  He consistently demonstrated exceptional people skills and ability to leverage his considerable cross-functional experience and insights to deliver strong results within highly fluid contexts.  Leo’s ability to effectively prioritize competing needs across multiple, cross-cultural agendas and negotiate strong outcomes were key strengths in working with us.”

Blake Benner, Alliance Management, Incyte Corporation
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